Long Beach Challenges

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Air Quality Monitoring and Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (CAAP)

The Long Beach Development Services department is seeking to develop an air quality monitoring program solution to better understand local pollution levels for our environmental justice communities.

City of Long Beach Police Department Building

Moving Police Officers from Paper-Based to Digital

The Long Beach Police Department is seeking a mobile-based, simple solution to digitize key Police Officer duties such as police reports and field interviews for our Police Officers to more efficiently serve the public.

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Streamlining the Cannabis Social Equity Program

The Long Beach Office of Cannabis Oversight is seeking a one-stop-shop solution to streamline the various cannabis social equity program components for our social equity applicants and cannabis businesses.

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Publicizing Public Works Permit Data

The Long Beach Public Works Department is seeking a public-facing, map-based, automated solution to publicize private construction activity in the public right-of-way for our residents, businesses, visitors, and other stakeholders.

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Map-based Resource Hub for People Experiencing Homelessness

The Long Beach Homeless Services Division is seeking seeking a mobile-based, interactive, accessible mapping solution to identify nearby resources food, shelter, hygiene, medical care, Internet, employment, or other services for our for our residents experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

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Homeless Services Active Contract Management

The Long Beach Homeless Services Division is seeking an easy-to-use solution to manage and track local, state, and federal subcontracts for our for our service providers.

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Energy Resources User Tools

The Long Beach Energy Resources Department is seeking a communicative, interactive, self-service solution to improve engagement, information access, and customer services for our utility customers.

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Mobility Data Collection

The Long Beach Public Works Department is seeking a mobility data collection and analysis solution to better understand pedestrian counts, bike counts, scooter counts, vehicle speed, transportation user stories, and safety perception for our policy, program, and infrastructure decisions.

Woman on her laptop

Identity Management & Digital Services Streamlining

The Long Beach Technology & Innovation Department is seeking a simple, secure, and accessible solution to provide identity management and digital access to City services for our residents, businesses, and visitors.

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Economic Development Developer Engagement

The Long Beach Economic Development Department is seeking a comprehensive, interactive solution to engage with developers and encourage them to invest in the City for our Economic Recovery.

Child and adult playing soccer

Parks Event and Facilities Management

The Long Beach Parks, Recreation, and Marine Department is seeking a simple, mobile-friendly, accessible solution to track and manage the use of park facilities and amenities (tennis courts, basketball courts, etc) for our 170 parks.

A woman drinking water

Smart Water Meters

The Long Beach Water Department is seeking a smart solution to turn off, restrict, or turn on water meters in order to improve the service experience for our utility customers without requiring multiple site visits.

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